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Preference #21: He Compares You To His Ex-Girlfriend

Niall:Today has officially been the worst day ever. Your boss is constantly nagging at you, you got a horrible grade on your Uni history final that you studied so hard for and to top it all off it was that time of the month. All you wanted to do was eat everything and cry. As you pulled up into your driveway you saw the other boys’ cars. “Ugh!” you groaned. It’s not that you didn’t like the boys it’s just that today was not a good day. You parked your car and walked up to the door. You quietly opened the door and closed it behind you. You started to walk straight to your bedroom but stopped when you heard your name. “I don’t know lads, (Y/N) is just not as fit as Holly. Holly always took care of herself, (Y/N) just doesn’t seem to care what she looks like.” Niall said. The tears started to fall and ran straight to your bedroom to pack your bags. You were furious and heartbroken all at the same time. You left a note on the bedside table;

Dear Niall,

I’m sorry I’m not as fit as Holly.I’ll never be. I love you butI guess you’re still stuck in the past to realize that. Goodbye, Niall.

Love Always,


You grabbed your bags and walked out of your bedroom into the living room. You were surprised to see all the boys seated in the living room. “Where are you going, (Y/N)?” Niall asked, worried. “I left a note on the bedside table. Goodbye boys. Bye Niall.” You said through the tears. You grabbed your keys and walked out the door.

Harry:You were just waking up from a much needed nap after you spent hours at the hospital helping your mum who was in the hospital with cancer. You hadn’t told Harry about your mum because you didn’t want him to worry. You were starving so you went down to the kitchen to make some sandwiches for you and Harry. As you were bringing the sandwiches down you heard your boyfriend say your name. You crept up behind him. Harry was on his phone with one of the boys; his back facing you. “Lou, she’s just so boring. She’s always been sleeping lately and she never wants to go out. I just wish she was more like Caroline. Caroline was so fun.” You couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of Harry’s mouth. You tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. He said goodbye to Louis and turned to you. “Hey babe.” Harry said. “Don’t ‘hey babe’ me.” You said angrily. “What’s wrong (Y/N)?” “Do you really think I’m boring?” He just stared at he ground with no reply. You were now crying. “I can’t believe you.” You said barely above a whisper. You started walking to the front door but stopped and turned towards Harry. “Oh and Harry.” you call. He looks up at you. “The only reason I’ve been sleeping so much is because I’ve been spending a countless amount of hours at the hospital with my mum. She has cancer. She’s dying, Harry.” With that you turned around, grabbed your keys and drove off.

Liam: “Hey, boys!” you said as you welcomed them into yours and Liam’s flat. “Hey, (Y/N)!” They greeted. “I’ll give you all some guy time.” You said as you walked towards your bedroom. Being the curious-bear you are you decided to do a little bit of eavesdropping. They talked about normal guy things such as sports, food, girls, etc. etc. It was getting kind of boring so you decided to just go take a nap until you heard Niall say your name, “So, Liam. How’s (Y/N)?” he asked. “She’s good, I guess.” Liam replied. “You guess?” “What’s wrong lad?” Louis asked. “Ugh, (Y/N) is just, you know (Y/N).” Liam replied. What’s that supposed to mean? you thought to yourself. “She’s just not like Danielle. Dani was always active and well, lately (Y/N) has just been sitting around doing nothing and eating everything.” Liam said. You started crying. The only reason you’ve been doing these things is because you’re pregnant. You found out two weeks ago but couldn’t seem to find the right time to tell Liam. You decided to confront your soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. You walk into the kitchen with tears flowing down your face. “Hey, babe. What’s wrong?” Liam asks. “So, you think I’m lazy and fat?” You ask. “What?” Liam asks, a confused look on his face. “Earlier you compared me to Danielle saying I did nothing and ate everything.” You say through your tears. “Oh.” Liam replied. “So, you’re not even going to own up to your mistake?” You asked. *Silence* You scoff, “You wanna know why I’m eating everything, huh? Well, cause I’m pregnant Liam!” you yelled. Liam looks up at you confused, “Huh?” “What do you not get Liam?! I’m PREGNANT! I have a human being growing inside of me!.” “I’m gonna be a dad?” “No, Liam. I’m going to be a mother. No child of mine is going to have a father who won’t own up to the mistakes they’ve made. I’ll be back for my things later. Goodbye Liam.” You say as you grab your keys and drive off to your best friend’s house.

Louis:You were anxiously waiting at the flat you shared with your boyfriend, Louis. Louis was out recording and wouldn’t be home for another three hours. You were getting bored so you decided to watch some movies. Just as you finished putting inMy Best Friend’s Wedding, your phone started ringing with a phone call from Louis. “Lou?” you asked. After receiving no answer you just decided to hang up until you heard Louis speak. “(Y/N)’s a great girl and all but she doesn’t like to dress up like El did. She just always looks drab.” Your mouth hung open. You were surprised Louis would even think that about you. You always tried to look good for Louis. You couldn’t hold it in anymore you started bawling your eyes out and yelling. You were more mad then you were sad. You decided that it would be best to just leave. You packed all your belongings but before you left the flat you texted Louis;

"Guess I’m not good enough for you, huh? Sorry I don’t look like Eleanor. Goodbye Louis."

You took all your things down to your car, tears still heavily flowing. Just as you left it started pouring rain. The rain mixed with your tears was not a good combination. Even though you should have been driving slow, you drove at least 20 miles over the speed limit. As you came up to a busy intersection you didn’t see the red light. You kept driving until you heard a loud horn everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. You looked to your right and saw two headlights speeding towards you. A huge semi-truck hit you. Your car flipped a couple times, then everything went black.

Zayn:You and Zayn were having a barbecue along with the other boys and their girlfriends to celebrate another successful album. You were running out of chips and drinks so you decided to go and restock. “Dani? El? Wanna help me get more chips and drinks?” you ask. “Sure.” Danielle said. “Of course.” Eleanor said. The three of you walked back into the house. “Crap, I forgot the empty bowls. I’ll be back.” you said. You walked back to the balcony sliding door but stopped when Zayn said your name. “(Y/N) just never puts on any makeup. It’s like she never wants to look pretty. Like, Perrie always looked good and always wore makeup. Sometimes I wish she was more like Perrie.” Zayn said. ”What?!” you say but bring your hands up to your mouth realizing you said it out loud. “Oh, uh, (Y/N).” Zayn said, “Listen, it’s just tha-” “No, Zayn. YOU listen. The only reason I don’t wear a crapload of makeup is because you tell me not to. Your always saying that I should go natural because I look more beautiful but I guess you like lying to me, huh? So what? You think I’m ugly?” You yell. The whole room goes silent. You scoff, “I’m sorry I’m not Perrie but you can have her back now ‘cause we’re done.” Everyone looks at you surprised. You sigh, “I’m sorry for ruining the party everybody. Continue having fun. Goodbye everyone. Goodbye Zayn.” Once you walk away the tears start falling freely. You just lost the best thing that ever happened to you.

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