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#14: You two get into a fight.
  • Harry: You two were getting into a heated fight in your living room after you found out that he had been flirting with various fans and celebrities while on tour. "Oh my god, (Y/N)! You're so fucking annoying!" he yells out. "You know that I could walk out of here and get with any one of those girls." he continues. You take a step back, really pissed off. "Fuck you then, Harry. Get the fuck out of my house," you spit out. "And have fun with your little slut!" you yell after him, hearing the door slam, shaking your whole house. You let out an angry scream and kick the leg of the coffee table nearest to you. You let out another scream, but this time it was pain. The tears start to come fast, the tears that you had managed to keep in while watching Harry yell at you. You storm up the stairs as fast as you can, almost tripping at the top, but you still continued. You busted your bedroom door open and pulled on your hair in complete frustration, lying on the bed pretty much suffocating your pillow. After about ten minutes of nonstop crying and the occasional scream here and there, you hear the front door open. You could tell by the footsteps that it was Harry. You quickly run into the bathroom and slam the door shut, holding your sleeve to your mouth to try and muffle your crying. You hear Harry enter your room. "(Y/N)?" he says timidly, walking closer to the bathroom door. "I-I'm sorry." Your tears start to come faster now. "Fuck off, Harry," you manage to say through the sobs. "But, (Y/N)!" he protests. You rip the door open, tears still streaming down your face, although they are more silent now. "I said, fuck off, Harry." "You don't understand, (Y/N), I need--" That's when you blow up. "FUCK YOU, HARRY EDWARD STYLES. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU CAN'T JUST TREAT ME LIKE SHIT AND THEN COME BACK AND--" You were cut off by a pair of warm lips on yours, and a hand snaking to the back of your neck. You try to pull away, but Harry is too strong for you, so you give up the fight and kiss him back, your lips molding into one. He pulls away first and looks you straight in the eye. "I'm so sorry (Y/N), none of those girls mean anything to me. You will always be my one and only, and I could never leave you for anyone. You are the love of my life, (Y/N), and I could not imagine life without you. Forgive me?" His eyes look pleading but his face is serious. All it took was one simple nod of your head for his mouth to curve into one of the biggest smiles ever. He leans in to kiss you again and you do not struggle at all this time. "I love you, (Y/N)." "I love you too, Harry."
  • Louis: You and him were having an argument over something stupid. You two were on different sides of his bedroom and it was completely silent, but you could tell that he was getting pissed off more and more. You checked your phone for the time and realized that it was still early, but you didn't want to be here anymore. "I have to go, Louis. I'm really sorry that we had this fight," you say quietly, while walking slowly to the door. "Whatever, at least my ex wasn't a spoiled bitch." You turn around abruptly, tears brimming around your eyes. "Wow. I cannot believe you just said that." "Well, believe it and leave." You were stunned by his rudeness. You grabbed your bag and ran out of the house, slamming the door behind you. Chills were instantly sent to your forearms and a light rain was already settling in. You had forgotten your sweater back at Louis', but you sure as hell weren't going back. You started to walk faster, tears slowly making their way down your cheeks. You were ignoring the fact that the weather was slowly getting brisker. You could hear thunder in the background, and you knew it was going to really start raining now. A few minutes later, it started pounding down on your head, and the only thing that was warming you up were the hot, salty tears now streaming down your face. You really just wanted to run home and jump into the shower, but you didn't have the energy. You brought your hands to your now chilled forearms, but it really didn't make a difference. The tears started to come faster; you must look really miserable right now. You feel footsteps running up behind you. As you take a step to the side to let them pass, you feel your wrists being grabbed gently and your lips were met with a new, welcomed warmth that were obviously Louis' lips. "I'm so sorry, baby, I shouldn't have said that." "What are you doing here?" you reply. "Being away from you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I can't let you go, (Y/N). I love you too much. I really am sorry." You smile and look up into his eyes, and grabs his hands and settle them on your hips. "All is forgiven, Boo Bear." You lean up and give him another kiss, but this one is more long and passionate. "Oh, and Louis?" "Yeah, baby?" "I love you too."
  • Niall: Big surprise, Niall was going out again for the third time this week, and you only had three more days to spend with him before he went on tour again. "Baby?" you say hesitantly, just as he was about to walk out the door. He does a double take and smiles at you. "Yes, love?" "Where are you going?" you ask, fiddling with the strings on your hoodie. "Out to the bar with the boys, I'll be home by twelve, okay?" He walks over and kisses you on the forehead. "Oh...alright," you reply, still looking down. You wished he would spend a little more time with you. "Hey, babe, you alright? You seem down," Niall says, taking a seat on the couch beside you. "It's nothing. Just go out and have some fun." Your voice was not convincing at all, and your boyfriend picked up on it. "No, tell me! I won't leave this couch until you do," he says firmly. After a few more minutes of him prodding and asking, you finally say, "It's just that you're always out with the boys. Can't you, you know... spend some more time with me?" "The boys are my best friends, princess! I think I deserve a break, don't you?" "Yes, I do, but--" "Come on, now, don't be a bitch." Silence. "W-what?" you say, taken aback. "Well, you're kind of being a--" "Whatever, Niall," you snap. "Since I'm obviously a bitch, don't bother coming back." Niall's expression did not change. You know he was really laid back and carefree, but this was different. "Um, okay then, love...I really have to go, I'm going to be late." You hear the front door close carefully and you just sit there with your jaw open. What, did he not give a shit that he just called you a bitch and you kicked him out? What the hell? As your thoughts continued to build up, you felt yourself becoming more and more angrier by the minute. You cried yourself to sleep that night, and it was a continued process until the day he left for tour. Still no calls, no text messages. You were about to give up hope when you heard a knock at your door. You opened it, expecting it to be Niall, but it wasn't. Your heart fell. Did he really not care? "(Y/N)?" You look up to see a boy about Niall's age, one you had recognized as one of his friend's that you didn't really know anything about. "Niall wanted me to give you this," he said and handed you an envelope, "and he said if you didn't show up he was going to drive down here and get you anyways." You took the envelope with a confused look on your face, but opening it anyways. Inside was a plane ticket to America. "W-what is this?" you ask, looking up at the boy. He shruggged. "I don't know, but the plane leaves in a few hours, you better pack." "I don't want to see--" "He's going to come and get you anyways, (Y/N)." He backs out and shuts the door. You roll your eyes and spend the next hour packing. After you're done, you sit on the couch stubbornly. Maybe he wouldn't get you after all. But soon enough, an hour before the plane is set to leave, you hear a knock at the door. You open it hesitantly, and are welcomed by a crushing hug. "(Y/N), I am so sorry. I knew the moment I walked out that door that I was about to lose the one thing I couldn't live without. I will do whatever it takes for you and I'm never leaving you again. I love you, (Y/N)." Niall said, connecting his lips with yours. "Did you get the tickets?" You nodded your head feebly. "Why did you--?" "I never want to be without you again, (Y/N), so I convinced mangement to let you come on tour with us." "Niall, that's--" "No objections, (Y/N). This is my way of saying I'm sorry. Now shut up and kiss me." You give a small laugh and your lips meet.
  • Liam: You slap down the magazine you had been reading down on the coffee table, joining it with four others that all had the pages open to headlines such as "Liam Payne cheating on (Y/N)?" or "Liam Payne seen with another girl?" You had put all your trust into Liam while seeing the first couple of articles. But, you couldn't lie; the magazines had made this top story to be quite believable. Each spread had about five different pictures of Liam with a skinny, beach blonde model. You really didn't think the magazines were true, but after seeing the fifth one you decided that it was time to confront him on the matter. You tuck the magazines away and head up your bedroom to watch some television before he arrived home. After a few hours, you heard the front door click open and then close shut. You could hear your boyfriend getting settled downstairs and heard his footsteps come closer after a few minutes. He opened the door quietly and when he saw you lying on the bed with the TV on, his face spread into a wide grin. "Hey (Y/N)! How was your day?" he greeted you, settling himself on the bed beside you. "It was shitty." you replied, sitting up but looking down into your lap. "What? Why?" he questioned, putting his hand over top of yours. You pulled away and looked him in the eye. "Liam, are you cheating on me?" you blurted out bluntly. He looked taken aback, his eyes growing wide. "What are you talking about, (Y/N)?" "Well I've read a few magazines.." you trailed off. "Great, now I don't even have my own girlfriend's trust." he mumbled, getting off the bed and opening the door. "What the hell, Liam?!" you stand up and go follow him. "(Y/N), I don't understand why you'd think I'm cheating on you. I mean, I think I'd be able to have your trust, right?!" Liam started to raise his voice, staring at you with cold eyes. You flinched but didn't go anywhere. "I'm sorry Liam but at least put yourself in my shoes!" you yell frantically. "God, (Y/N), you have to make everything about you! You're such a selfish little bitch!!" His eyes turned cold and he walked out of the bedroom. You could feel your eyes stinging with tears but you didn't go after him. You sat on your bed and cried your eyes out for who knows how long. You hadn't even gotten a proper answer from him. After what seemed like hours, the door opened suddenly and Liam walked in. He saw your fragile body and you could practically hear his heart break from across the room. He swept you up in his arms and you were so exhausted you didn't even put up a fight. "Baby, I am so sorry," he started. "I went out and I saw some of the magazines. The stuff they said was horrible." You sniffled, showing him your agreement. "I wasn't myself a few hours ago, and I take back what I said. I was such a jerk to you back there, (Y/N). You are the best thing in the world and I want you to know I would never cheat on you, with anyone. I love you, and only you.. I can't even forgive myself for what I said to you a little while ago and I'm a total fool for making my baby cry...forgive me?" Your heart melted as every word he said was taken in. You wrap your arms around him and whisper, "I could never be mad at you Liam." He gave you the biggest smile and leaned in to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, wiping away any last remaining tears. "I love you, (Y/N)." You leaned back happily, calm now that you were back in his arms. "I love you too, Liam."
  • Zayn: When you got home from your work at a restaurant that night, Zayn was already inside the house in the living room, watching TV. He looked up as you entered the room and smiled brightly at you. "Oh hey, (Y/N)! How was work?" "A little boring, you know how it is.." you laugh, walking in and giving him a quick kiss. He laughed along with you and then looked up at you. "Listen, babe, we ran out of a few things today and I was wondering if you could go out and pick them up for us?" You roll your eyes and cross your arms over your chest. "Why can't you, Malik? You're the one sitting around watching TV." you reply, walking into the kitchen to put your things away. "Yeah but.." he said, biting his lip. "But what? You're perfectly capable of doing it yourself." "But I'm sort One Direction, you know? So it would be better if you went out and did it because you're not, you know...famous like me." You stopped in your tracks and put your hands on your hips. "Excuse me? Does that make you better than me or something?" " work at a restaurant, (Y/N)." "So fucking what?! It's not like I'm some fucking ugly ass tramp!" Zayn raised his eyebrows and looked at the TV, not answering. "What, so now I'm a tramp?!" you scream. "Wow. Fuck you Zayn!" you stomped up the stairs and began shoving whatever you could find that was yours into a suitcase. You trailed it behind you downstairs and reached the door before turning around and shouting "You can get your own fucking groceries from now on! I'm leaving!" you walked out the door and shoved your bag into the backseat of your car before throwing yourself into the drivers seat. You fumbled with getting your keys to turn on the car and by then Zayn had already slipped in the passenger seat. "What do you want Zayn?!" you said angrily, still searching for your key. "Where are you going?" he said, almost playfully, as if this whole situation amused him. "Away from you!" "But why?" "Oh don't give me that Zayn! Now get out of my car!" "No, (Y/N), not until we talk this out. You're not leaving." "Yes I am, and you can't tell me what to do." You found the right key and slammed it in the ignition. "Come on, babe, stop being stu--" "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!" you screamed, as the dam holding all your tears back finally broke. "(Y/N), baby...I-I'm sorry.." Zayn whispered, his voice breaking. "No you're not, if you're sorry you would leave me alone." you said in between tears. You reached up and wiped them away angrily. Your eyes always betrayed you. Zayn snatched your wrist and you tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. "(Y/N), look at me." he said, his eyes full of sincerity. You looked up, trying to make your eyes look as cold as possible. "What?" "I-I don't like seeing you like this. I don't know what had gotten into me but if I could go back and change what I said I would. I'm really, sincerely sorry, (Y/N), and I'll never be a dick to you again. I promise." He loosens his grip on you and pulls you in for a tight hug. You cry into his chest for a few minutes.  "C'mon, baby girl, let's get you inside.." "But what about the things you wanted me to get?" you protested. He smirked slightly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your eye. "You're worth so much more than some shit from the grocery store, (Y/N)." You smiled, pulling him in for another hug as you nuzzled your head into his chest. "I'm sorry for over reacting." you said, tracing patterns on his chest. "No worries, (Y/N)! It's glad to have you back.." he said, pulling apart so he could get you back into the house. "Aw, I love you, Zayn.." "I love you more!"
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